Bringing the Old back to Life

A few days ago a long awaited bunch of old glass bottles arrived in the post, I was very excited!
I had to brainstorm the best way to clean them up, as many were very tiny and fiddly to get at – brushes, toothpicks and cotton buds were required.


Original (and very dirty!) old glass bottles

I am glad to say that I managed to return all of the bottles to a very good condition. I’m proud of my efforts and cannot wait to mix and match bottles and create wonderful arrangements that will be for sale at my Etsy Store. There’s something very rewarding about restoring life into something old (and a little unloved). Taking all the photos of the finished products was also part of the fun – and don’t they look great!

These are just a few photos of the cleaned up little treasures!




Not long to go now and they’ll be up on the Etsy Vintage Section 🙂



2 thoughts on “Bringing the Old back to Life

  1. I’ve done this before and I found filling the tiny bottles with water and some sand and shaking them really hard worked a treat – the sand acts like a teeny little scrubbing brush. Love all of your bottles – they look gorgeous!

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