Etsy Shop

This is our Etsy Shop – Home Truth Homewares!

After all the op-shopping and rummaging through thrift shops has been and gone, each piece ends up on our Etsy Shop page for you to enjoy. At the moment, our focus is on glassware and ceramic knit-knacs that have the potential to be transformed into unique candles for the home or gifts for those that enjoy recycling and creativity.

You can find containers that come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. At HTH we want the customer to get creative by firstly choosing their favourite pre-loved piece and then choosing their favourite candle colour and scent. HTH make it happen, but ultimately it’s up to each individual as to what they are after!

Green Glass       White_Teacup

So, have a look at our eco-friendly soy wax candles – all custom made and created using pre-loved and recycled containers! Recycle the old and create something a little bit different (but not so new!)

Want to find out more? Contact us with any questions!



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