New Goodies

As I mentioned in a previous post I am hoping to work on a new Essential Oil Candle Range. Today the lovely little jars I am hoping to use for the range arrived in the mail. Along with some other cute bits and pieces.


The amber jars hold approximately 80 grams of wax and should burn between 20-30 hours & I am about to start the testing phase trying out different essential oils. The amber glass looks delightful with the flame burning away inside – it creates a really lovely mood.

This gorgeous glow, along with a collection of different essential oils subtley scenting the room, these candles should be great for relaxing or uplifting at the home or office!

The other goodies include a bunch of new Washi tape rolls in fun patterns and colours. Washi tape is japanese masking tape made from rice paper. I love to decorate tea lights with different tapes. They look super cool, perfect for at home or to match the theme of an occasion. And they can be refilled!

New Goodies

Lots of work to be done now that everything is here!



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